A Guide to tasting Chocolate & Wine


Prepare yourself

Ensure the chocolate is at room temperature; never refrigerate chocolate unless in a humidity controlled wine fridge. Let the matching recommendations on your Cuvée Chocolate bar be your guide, but feel free to experiment. Open the wine and let it breath ideally two hours prior, the contact with the oxygen will help it unfold its full potential.


Taste the Wine

If possible use a large glass, swirl the wine, put your nose to the glass and take in its aromas. Have a small sip and let it dance in your mouth, close your eyes and try to memorise everything you can taste and in what order. Cleanse your palate with a glass of water


Taste the Chocolate

Break of a bite sized piece of chocolate and take in its fragrance. A darker chocolate should smell slightly acidic, while a milk chocolate has rather sweeter and caramel undertones. Place the chocolate on your tongue and close your mouth, don’t chew it but let the chocolate melt for a moment in your mouth, let your body become one with the cocoa.


Back to the Wine

Taste the wine again, swirl it, smell it, let it tickle your tongue and become one with the aromas of the chocolate. Has the wine changed? Has the chocolate? Take note of how the taste structure of wine and chocolate are complementing each other. Repeat it… Indulge!

I hope you enjoyed this experience, thank you,

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