We’re so excited to introduce our new Coverture Chocolate Range. For the past couple of years we’ve been supplying our small batch, handcrafted chocolate to some of the best chefs in Australia, and we’re thrilled that it’s now available for everyone!

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Our Story

We are Cuvée Chocolate, a Bean to Bar Chocolate maker based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2015, we dedicate ourselves to bringing back real Chocolate, one bean at a time! Above all we value building long term partnerships with cocoa farmers, producers, local suppliers and our customers.

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Our Beans

Our passion for all things chocolate dictates that we only source the worlds best single origin cocoa beans from across the globe to bring you our small batch handcrafted chocolate tablets.

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Our Range

Cocoa beans roasted in house, stoneground and conched for days… it’s chocolate the way it used to be.

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Stoneground, small-batch, traditionally made chocolate that is second to none in texture and taste.

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#10Chocolate Brownies

The humble Brownie is and always will be the pinnacle treat for any self-confessed choco-holic! It’s that moment the oven door opens for the first time and unleashes a swash of chocolate fragrance that is as close it gets to fragrance of a batch of freshly roasted cocoa beans… We think you’ll enjoy preparing these, just as much as devouring them!

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