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#10Chocolate Brownies

The humble Brownie is and always will be the pinnacle treat for any self-confessed choco-holic! It’s that moment the oven door opens for the first time and unleashes a swash of chocolate fragrance that is as close it gets to fragrance of a batch of freshly roasted cocoa beans… We think you’ll enjoy preparing these, just as much as devouring them!

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#9Chocolate Lava Cake

Some classics just last forever, and good ol’ lava cake is most certainly counting into that category. Our Grand Cru chocolate is giving that certain edge, making it the perfect way to end a special dinner or lunch. Serve with homemade ice cream and fresh raspberries for some extra indulgence.

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#8Double Chocolate & Cocoa Nib Cookies

What makes the sweet fragrance of a batch of freshly baked cookies even better!? We must admit that we’ve given this question ways more thought than the average non-chocoholic, and there can only be one answer… freshly roasted cocoa nibs! Taking this recipe into rather serious chocolate terrain.

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#7No Churn Baileys Ice Cream

Our all-time favourite ice cream recipe! It’s never been easier to create your own homemade summer treat without having to spend big bucks on a fancy machine!

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#6Chocolate Soufflé

Many have tried their hands on them, few have mastered them. The Soufflé continues to be one of the desserts world’s biggest unsolved mysteries, until now!

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#5Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

When our friends Mel and Craig from the Loch Brewery & Distillery in beautiful South Gippsland gave us a bottle of their incredible Imperial Stout, we were immediately reminded of this recipe we had tried many years ago. And boy… what a combination!

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#4Chocolate & Raspberry Muffins

Here’s what we would consider the best chocolate muffin recipe ever! Almond meal and avocado oil are making them super moist, whilst the raspberries are adding some great tartness, et voila!

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#3White Chocolate & Ginger Crème Brûlée

We’re putting a chocolatey twist on this Melbourne laneway café classic and our Bianco white chocolate seems to love the hint of ground ginger! This truly is every Brûlée lovers dream come true. 

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#2Chocolate Granola

Being self-anointed breakfast cereal connoisseurs, it can proof hard to tick all our cereal boxes. This granola does… crunchy, chocolatey and jam packed full of natural goodness, now this is a breakfast for champions!

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#1Mum’s Log Cake

Family gatherings sure wouldn’t have been the same at the McGrath’s without my mum’s famous Log Cake. There was never a crumb left on the platter and we never tire of it. To this day it continues to bring me joy when I make it.

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