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Chocolate Granola

Being self-anointed breakfast cereal connoisseurs, it can proof hard to tick all our cereal boxes. This granola does… crunchy, chocolatey and jam packed full of natural goodness, now this is a breakfast for champions!

Yields approximately 500g.


60 g demerara sugar
45g manuka honey
40g butter

15g linseed
140g buckwheat 
15g pumpkin seeds
30g sunflower seeds
125g rolled oats

25ml virgin olive oil
1ea. grated orange rind
5g Murray River Sea Salt

95g Cuvée Grand Cru 75% Extra Dark Chocolate

  1. add butter, sugar and honey into a sauce pan or small pot and melt gently on a low heat
  2. add all other the other ingredients and combine thoroughly
  3. bake at 160˚C for about 5-10 minutes, remove from the oven, stir and return to the oven 
  4. repeat until golden brown in colour
  5. set aside to cool and separate into small clusters whilst still quite warm 
  6. set aside until completely cooled and place into a medium sized bowl
  7. melt the chocolate in a microwave and pour over granola
  8. use your hands to rub the chocolate into the granola, covering it evenly with a thin layer of chocolate
  9. spread the chocolate granola onto a silicon paper lined tray and leave for the chocolate to set completely 
  10. store in an airtight jar and serve with milk, yogurt and/or fresh fruit