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Chocolate Lava Cake

Some classics just last forever, and good ol’ lava cake is most certainly counting into that category. Our Grand Cru chocolate is giving that certain edge, making it the perfect way to end a special dinner or lunch. Serve with homemade ice cream and fresh raspberries for some extra indulgence.

Yields approximately 10 single serve puddings.


160 g Cuvée Grand Cru 75% Extra Dark Chocolate
185 g butter

310 g eggs
190 g caster sugar

80 g plain flour
butter & plain flour for your pudding dishes

  1. break the chocolate into small pieces, roughly the size of five cent pieces or smaller and place them into a bowl
  2. add the butter into a sauce pan or small pot and melt it on the stove until just before boiling point
  3. pour the hot butter over the chocolate bits and leave it to melt for 1-2 minutes before thoroughly combining with a whisk
  4. crack your eggs, combine them with the sugar and whip both in a kitchen mixer until it forms soft peak
  5. fold in the sifted flour, cover the mix with plastic wrap and set its aside in the refrigerator, ideally overnight but for at least 8 hours
  6. prepare your pudding dishes by brushing them thin and evenly with some melted butter and dusting them with plain flour
  7. using a piping bag or large spoon, fill the pudding mix into your prepared pudding dishes, about 4/5 to the rim
  8. bake the puddings at 180°C for approx. 6-8 minutes, the outer should be just baked and the centre still quite gooey
  9. un-mould your puddings directly onto a plate and serve them whilst they are still hot

Chef's Tip

Nothing is more disappointing than a lava cake missing the lava! To make sure you don’t overcook yours, watch for the cakes still looking kind of wet in the middle and de-mould them straight after baking.