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Mum’s Log Cake

Family gatherings sure wouldn’t have been the same at the McGrath’s without my mum’s famous Log Cake. There was never a crumb left on the platter and we never tire of it. To this day it continues to bring me joy when I make it.

— Kylie

Mum’s Log Cake (serves 6-8 people)


16ea. Double Chocolate Chip & Cocoa Nib Cookies

600ml fresh thickened cream
20g caster sugar
1ea. fresh vanilla pod

70g Cuvée Grand Cru 75% Extra Dark Chocolate
1 punnet fresh raspberries

  1. start by cutting the vanilla pod in half lengthwise and scrape the seeds into a mixing bowl
  2. add the cream and sugar and whip it until firm peaks
  3. use either a palette knife or table spoon to spread about 3cm worth of whipped cream onto the first cookie and sandwich it to another, standing it up on a rectangular platter
  4. continue doing the same with the rest of the cookies until they all stand up neatly in one row
  5. use the rest of your whipped vanilla cream to generously coat the row of cookies on all sides forming a log shape cake (any cream you have left this stage keep aside in case you have to “freshen” it up a little before serving)
  6. place your cake in the fridge for approx. 24hrs for the cookies to soften
  7. if any cracks have formed overnight on the cream, use the left-over cream to touch up
  8. just before serving, grate the dark chocolate onto the cake, using either a grater or peeler and decorate with fresh raspberries

Kylie’s tip; if you’re anything like us and you like to “dash it up” a little here and there, add a dash of Cointreau or Baileys to the cream before whipping.